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India is a land of spices and herbs. The various Indian herbs, spices and condiments are famous all over the world for their immensely beneficial qualities. Sameera Fragrance have gathered those valuable properties of Indian herbs in the form of various kinds of essential oils, attars and perfumes. The use of essential oils in India is a traditional and ancient practice, the benefits of which are also mentioned in the Ayurveda. Sameera Fragrance is the place to buy essential oils, because of their best manufacturing techniques and supplying services!

We, the Sameera Fragrance, are a leading essential oil supplier company in India. The essential oils, manufactured by us are 100% pure and natural. The oils are manufactured by following some of the most sophisticated techniques; and in a completely sterile and germ-free environment. Hence, the quality and purity of these oils are maintained at the optimum level, so that these can benefit the consumers in the best and the most advantageous manner.

The essential oils manufactured by us are utilized for cosmetic, therapeutic, medicinal and various other purposes. Apart from that, these essential oils are also utilized in the forms of scents and fragrances, which are more attractive and aromatic than the regular floral, woody or lemon based fragrances.

The various wholesale essential oils produced by us are extracted from pure herbal and organic supplies like Jasmine, Ginger grass, Geranium, Garlic, Lotus and many more. These essential oils are very beneficial because of their therapeutic properties and their utilization in the health, cosmetic treatments and remedies.

The essential oils are supplied by us all over the world in various quantities required by the customers. Most of our customers buy essentials oils online and the ratio of satisfied customers is quite notable. The world class quality and the Indian aroma of these mystic oils make them a must have item to possess.




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